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  The aviary world in Paraguay
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The city of Asunción, Paraguay’s capital, is situated on the oriental margin of the Paraguay River at a bend where it joins the Pilcomayo River. It is a small city (117 square kilometres) where its environment is represented as being the transition zone between the characteristically humid forests of the oriental region and that of the palm groves and brushwood to be found in the occidental region. The rich diversity in such an environment, its location on the Paraguay River’s migratory route and the tradition of maintaining open spaces, has made it possible till present times to register no less than 319 bird species amongst those typically found in humid forests, Chaco brushwood, palm groves and damp ground.

  There are 22 species at world level in danger of extinction,...
Other species are fighting to survive in Paraguay

22 species are menaced at global level and many possess conservation problems at national level. The city of Asuncion presents ideal places from which to observe birds. One of them can be found in the Bay of Asuncion where a great beach appears in the river’s seasonal low water level. This bay is important for the migratory birds that arrive from both the North and South of the continent. Other important areas can be found in the Asuncion Botanical Gardens and Zoo as well as a fragment of humid forest bordering the Paraguay River; the Ñu Guazú pastoral park just outside the city limits and the tree covered streets and gardens spread throughout city.


we present 54 of the more typical and common species to be found in Asuncion and its surroundings, grouped in accordance to the type of environment they regularly visit.




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